Retro Sundays – [Sunday Special Week 3]- AirBlade (PS2)

Today on this weeks’ edition of Retro Sunday, I want to reminisce about one of the first PlayStation 2 video games I played growing up None other than. AirBlade I was introduced to this game from a demo from a very old issue of a PlayStation magazine. The game was one of a kind anti-gravity extreme hoverboarding video game. I was hooked on playing this game, during my childhood Ethan was the main character and this game was basically a rescue mission. 


Airblade Story 

Oscar had just perfected his prototype for a Hoverboard called the AirBlade when the GCP Corporation decided to shut down the project. A frustrated Oscar smuggled his invention home, but was tracked down and kidnapped by his former boss.

His roommate and keen skater Ethan finds the AirBlade hidden in the apartment, and decides to use it with the help of Hacker friend Kat to get Oscar back.



This game was a launch title on the PlayStation 2 it allows you to ride an awesome hoverboard called an AirBlade and perform impossible tricks skateboarders dream of doing and some realistic tricks such as a kickflip. The AirBlade is the most useful tool you have and serves as the driving plot for the entire game. Ethan, Kat, Naomi, Oscar and The Insider are some multiplayer characters you can play as.

The game is a total throwback and a retro title for many PlayStation 2 users who had the demo or full game. 

Check out some screenshots from the PlayStation 2 classic: AirBlade 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Check out the slideshow of screenshots and the gameplay clip above, it’s a must watch. 


Date published: 18/09/17

Written by: Joseph .O.

Source: (1) YouTube (2) AirBlade (Wikipedia Page)

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