Check out the Assassins Creed Origins Official Order of the Ancients Trailer trailer – it’s serious !

Ubisoft has released their newest trailer for Assassins Creed Origin. Assassins Creed video games are always set in a historically accurate setting and this one is no different. Assassins Creed Origins is based in Ancient Egypt and follows the story of this place ruled by the likes of Cleopatra, Julius Ceaser, Ptomely XIII but their nation is torn in a political civil war threatening to destroy the peace of Ancient Egypt.



Assassins Creed official story synopsis

Egypt is on the brink of collapse. Disputed and fought over by powerful monarchs while hidden figures lurk in the shadows, ready to take control. It’s time for a new force to rise and stand up against oppression.

This trailer focuses on the adversaries of this video game, who are the Order of the Ancients 


The Order of the Ancients move in the shadows and under the guise of a young naive pharaoh they are willing to achieve their goal by any means necessary and it is pretty scary the lengths they will go to achieve their corrupted version of peace and order.

This trailer brought to us courtesy of IGN and all I can say is, damn man this video game is going to be a movie. This trailer is playing at a 4K this footage is seriously movie quality. I’m anticipating greatness and with the quality of this trailer I don’t think I will be disappointed.  



Date published:  15/09/17

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) IGN (2) Ubisoft

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