Ayo what’s going on readers. Here we are at week 2 for Retro Sundays and today I will be discussing the old school internet flash game that made a lot of peoples’ childhood. Ultimate Flash Sonic. This game is an unofficial flash online web sonic game created by Dennis-Gid.

Ultimate Flash Sonic is one of the most iconic web games, I used to play this at my secondary school during Lunch breaks and when I was bored. This game was so fun and cool. The game features 2 levels where you can play as Sonic and the other characters through a notable number cheat code or password down below.

Just think of this game as the unofficial Sonic Flash platform game that you can play onine, it’s fun and a bona fide classic 



pic 1pic 2pic 3pic 4pic 5pic 6pic 7pic 8pic 9pic 10pic 12pic 13pic 14pic 15pic 16pic 17pic 18pic 19pic 20PIC 21pic 23pic 24bpic 25pic 26pic 27




As demonstrated above, you play as SEGA’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. this game is a platform game so you need to get through the twists and turns, of both levels also there are unexpected surprises in this game so be prepared.





Date published: 03/09/17 

Written by: Joseph .O. 

Sources: (1) Play the game

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