Check out the Gotham season 4 “Suit Up” Promo

ThWith summer coming to an end. A lot of the superhero shows on the small screen are making a comeback. Gotham season 4 has been announced and will be on the FOX network channel, the teaser below is a must watch. This season will start airing in Autumn they even called this season Gotham “The Dark Knight” with the slogan “A Hero is born”.


Gotham is a show about the early years of many different characters lives in the Batman universe. This season seems to be focused on Bruce becoming a vigilante with a prototype Batman costume with a mask and full suit of armour. This season Bruce Wayne portrayed by David Mazouz will transition into the Batman and as we know it Gotham will finally have a Batman cleaning up Gotham’s streets by fighting villains. 

Season 4 will be the year we see a young Bruce Wayne be a young Batman and I am anticipating greatness. Batman is a legacy character of DC Comics season 3 of Gotham was very good and focused on villains gaining power I did not expect to see young Bruce become a vigilante but regardless of his decision it’s exciting to know young Bruce Wayne is transitioning into young Batman of his early years.  

This season will air September 21st 2017 on Thursday on FOX in America, no word on the UK release date or any other regions but I’m sure it will be released one week after the US release date or later.


Date published: 29/08/17

Written by: Joseph .O. 

Sources: (1) YouTube (2) Watch older seasons of Gotham on Fmovies

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