Retro Sundays – [Sunday Special Week 1]- Dragonfable

I am going to start a weekly blog post, where I write about the old school video games, anime, comic book super hero shows, comics, TV shows and any other form of entertainment like a cartoon that I used to be into. I decided to start this because I wanted to express myself more through this website and discuss throwback forms of entertainment that used to bring me joy growing up. I will begin this series of articles with Dragonfable.



Dragonfable synopsis

DragonFable is a fully animated role-playing game built to run in your web browser. Build a character and explore our ever-expanding world to battle monsters, find treasure, and participate in our ongoing epic storyline quests and special events. DragonFable allows you to walk around using your mouse and explore the world. The TV quality art is breathtaking and the combat is fast and furious. It is like someone mixed ArchKnight, AdventureQuest and a select choice of the best games ever created into a bowl and stirred it until it was perfect.

Read more about this game here. 

Dragonfable is a 2D RPG game I used to play back in the days. My friend that I met in a Teenage library club introduced me to this game. This game seems to be an ongoing game where you travel through the lands to fight legendary characters such as dragons and other warriors.

This game was about 3 vs 3 battles where you explore and complete quests that are mainly combat battles, the game allows you to use swords and magic this game is a perfect entry-level RPG for first timers and new comers to this genre and it’s free to play which should get your attention.

I played this a lot throughout my secondary school years and it was undeniably one of my favourite Internet games, the sword and magical attributes made this game exciting the only reason I stopped playing was because it got really repetitive but overall it was a fun and interesting experience when I was younger. I always went to the library just to play this game.

I hope this series I am trying out, every Sunday I will write about something I used to be into in terms of entertainment this is going to be a trip down memory lane for me, thanks for reading.


Date published: 27/08/17

Source: (1) YouTube (2) Dragonfable

Written by Joseph .O. 

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5 thoughts on “Retro Sundays – [Sunday Special Week 1]- Dragonfable

  1. So this was one of those flash games people loved back in the day. I’m not gonna lie you got me thinking about opening my blog up a bit more when it comes to my personal interest.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll probably do that and focus more on the old school games because I don’t game as much anymore. I’ll more than likely talk about stuff like star wars, old school shows I watched, etc


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