Gamescom 2017 is an opportunity for us entertainment writers to showcase all the new game trailers and previews. This is one of those exclusive trailers of the upcoming Sonic game Sonic Forces, this trailer below focuses on the Co-Op mode.



Sonic Forces is going to be the next modern sonic game, of our generation. Sonic Forces is part of the project sonic team that SEGA announced with Sonic Mania. This trailer shows the custom character and Sonic working together through this platform game. The gameplay is vibrant and the music is awesome too. Expect to jump of running and collect rings a new feature that is worth mentioning is double boost.

Double boost occurs when both, the custom character and Sonic can simultaneously boost run past this new square obstacle at 2:57 than the huge square button pops up on the screen and the player must press square on PlayStation 4. I’m assuming other consoles will have their own button to press repetitively until the the number below reaches zero than both characters get into a spin dash position and double boost which is a fast thrust of speed both characters do when this action is completed.

The boost lasts approximately 10 seconds and during this boost both characters can destroy Dr. Eggman’s robots at a rapid speed, the rest of the gameplay is about Sonic and his team mate going into a power plant to complete their mission the game looks promising and is a must get for modern Sonic the Hedgehog fans.



Date published: 27/08/17

Source: (1) IGN

Written by: Joseph .O. 

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