Disclaimer: Yes there will be spoilers, you have been warned

The Marvel Netflix universe, is ever-growing at an experiential growth, four unique superheroes from past Netflix shows come together to become a unit to defend New York. The series starts off with each character individually in their storylines. The Defenders is a continuation from each of the main characters’ respective shows after the ending of all the character Matt Murdock is lawyer, Luke Cage is finally released from prison and is getting his life together, Jessica Jones is back to her life of accepting freelance work and Danny Rand aka Iron-Fist fighting members of The Hand with Coleen.


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The show almost like a movie, the characters have a lot to deal with in their own lives but all come together inconspicuously, the four members fight with The Hand foot soldiers and have things they have to deal with in their lives the way the show has a good way of having superhero screen time and their personal life story-arcs.

The plot of the series seems to be The Hand the secret criminal syndicate with Ancient ties. The main antagonists’ are: Alexdra Reid, Bakuto, Maddam Gou and Elektra and a huge number of henchman who work for The Hand. Their overall goal is to gather a dangerous substance for their resurrection rituals this would result in destroying New York they needed Danny Rand’s Iron-Fist power to unlock the gate. This goal was have accomplished due to the ending of Daredevil season 2. 

The first four episodes is the aftermath of each of the members respective show. Each show has a known associate who is with them at first for instance Matt Murdock is working as a lawyer and his friends Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. Luke Cage is joined by the medic Claire Temple and Misty Knight, Jessica Jones is joined by two of her friends Trish Walker and her neighbour Malcolm Ducasse and Danny Rand is collaborated with Coleen Wing. Stick Matt Murdock’s mentor is also Stick and off course who could forget Elektra.

Each character has to be protected because everyone knows if you are affiliated with superheroes you will be in danger. This series is breif and only 8 episodes the last four episodes the plot thickens the setting of this show is in New York. New York is an iconic fictional setting for superheroes Luke Cage from Harlem, Jessica from New York, Danny Rand returning to New York from his superhero ventures and The Devil of Hells Kitchen a neighbourhood in West Side of Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

The locations of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron-Fist was perfect call for action considering they are all in reach of each other. Iron-Fist was a very large part of this series he wanted to complete his mission of defeating The Hand as you know his saying “I’m the immortal Iron-Fist protector/weapon of K’un-Lun”.

Iron-Fist was the key to opening to sacred door underground, this was the goal of the The Hand, the major villain in-charge in part 2 of this mini-series was in-fact Elektra. As you know if you watched season 2 of Daredevil Elektra was murdered by Nobu with a knife, her body was later found by The Hand and resurrected using the last of the black substance that resurrected her, this Resurrection is like the Lazarus pit from DC Comics as seen in Arrow. She is brought back to life in a somewhat closed coffin and when she is resurrected she is a  different person from who she was before (Elektra Natchios) she played a vital role in capturing the key to opening the sacred gate.



Remember The Hand’s goal was to unlock the gate to the dangerous substance by harnessing the Iron-Fists’ powers they accomplished this and by the way the destination of a of this was underground in a central part of the city so if the villains were to accomplish their overall goal.

The setting or plot was easy to follow and understand the four met by destiny and had to team up to become a unit to weaken The Hand’s plans and eventually take out the underground lair where the mysterious substance. Before the events of the finale The Defenders features the iconic stairwell fight scene featuring all characters and it was badass, one particular fight scene I thought was well choreographed was Danny Rand when he was confronting a rival business owned by one of the main villains run by Alexandra Reid.

Iron-Fist gave his saying that he is the immortal Iron-Fist and then he fought some henchman and woman he was doing well with his martial arts until the numbers overpowered him and he was being restrained than Luke Cage assisted this scene was done right and is a nod to the Heroes for Hire comic featuring Luke Cage aka Power Man and Danny Rand the “Immortal” Iron-Fist. Combining super strength with martial arts is amazing both make a dynamic duo helping each other out during battle. Iron-Fist’s fighting scenes drastically improved as compared to season 1 of Netflix Iron-Fist.

The devil of Hell’s Kitchen aka Daredevil is back and his contributing to the team immensely, he is easily the most talented martial artist and helps out in the fight against his The Hand. Jessica Jones is awesome too she has significant scenes where her powers are useful.

Each character plays a vital role in stopping The Hand there are other implications to their actions but overall this superhero Netflix series brings a lot to the table and if you connect your laptop to your TV and have surround sound or even a great HD TV it feels like your watching a movie.

Majority of the fight scenes are dark and gritty literally sometimes the scenes are hard to see but a lot is going on in terms of martial arts choreography and henchman fighting. Martial arts, Super strength and inviolability seem  seem to be the main powers on show for e.g. Luke Cage being bullet proof, Iron-Fist’s supernatural chi fists that enhance his natural abilities, Jessica Jones super strength and Daredevils overall martial arts and Eskrima sticks they all are an interesting dynamic.




The Pros

  1. The show was dark and gritty superhero action 
  2. Martial art fight scenes are movie quality
  3. Character dynamics and personalities
  4. Seeing all the characters work together as a superhero group
  5. Good acting
  6. Pacing was good not too slow or too fast


The Cons

  1. Daredevil and Elektra unnecessary love story arc
  2. Stick betraying The Defenders 
  3. Lack of Jessica Jones superpower scenes 
  4. Luke Cage and Danny Rand racial, justice argument
  5. The Defenders turning on Danny Rand not trusting him thinking he would betray the team and give himself up to The Hand.
  6. Sometimes fight scenes are a little too dark to see 





Date published: 25/08/17

Rating: e9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpge9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpge9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpge9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpge9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpge9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpge9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpge9af3c7e956c49d6a13086854f5991a2--summer-reading-program-summer-programs.jpg

8/10 Eight stars out of 10


Written by: Joseph .O. 

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