PlayStation announced Nacon Gaming Revolution 2 Pro Controller

The official PlayStation Twitter has released a video announcing the new Nacon Gaming Revolution 2 Pro controller designed for esports. This controller will be released in September this year no specific date has been announced but when they announce the date I will write a follow-up article on it. Check out the video below and the awesome features.




The features of the controller include:

USB Type C Connection

  1. Diameter 3.4mm 
  2. Branded detachable USB for charging 
  3. Advanced Resistance and Strength 

Smart advanced technology 

  1. Integrated Arm Cortex Technology 
  2. Propriety Optimised Algorithm for enhanced dual stick precision 

46 degrees Amplitude on the left and right anolog sticks 

  1. Players will be able to configure the responsive curve and dead-band of 2 sticks via the PC/MAC companion app 

4 (*) – or 8-way directional pad 

  1. Default 8-Way Configuration 
  2. Switch to 4-Way control through the PC and MAC companion app

4 Shortcut buttons 

  1. Remap buttons in all modes directly on the controller or via the PC and MAC companion app

3 Gaming Modes 

  1. Mode 1 PS4 Pro control 
  2. Mode 2 PS4 advanced 
  3. Mode 3 PC Advanced 

Profile Button 

  1. Switch between the 4 saved profiles on each platform (4X PS4 / 4 X PC) 

Profile Selection

  1. Register up to 8 profiles on the controller
  2. 4 X PS4 and 4 X PC 

Adjustable Triggers 

  1. Adjust the sensitivity & the dead band of the triggers via the PC and Mac companion app 

Touch Pad 

  1. Multipoint touch pad with touch pad button 


Dual Vibration Motors 

  1. Adjustable intensity via the PC and MAC companion app

Additional weights 

  1. 2X10G /  2X14G  /  2X17G 

LED Player Status Indicator 

  1. Player number and in-game information 

Headphone jack 

  1. 3.5MM headphone jack 
  2. In-Game Audio and chat







Date Published: 23/08/17

Written by: Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) PlayStation (2) Nacongaming

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