Check out the Unofficial Netflix Punisher second trailer it’s Intense

During the climax of the episode 8 of “The Defenders” on Netflix, the streaming service released “The Punisher” teaser. And it is gritty, dark, badass and full of Rage. Well what do you expect from a guy called “The Punisher”. Jon Bernthal will portray this character for his own stand alone series on Netflix he portrayed  Frank Castle also known as The Punisher in Netflix’s “Daredevil” series fighting and teaming up with Daredevil. Man it was so cool.

Check out the teaser trailer below, it’s a must watch: 




Today, Netflix released a post-credit Defenders clip of the next upcoming Marvel Netflix superhero TV series “The Punisher”. Jon Bernthal who portrayed Frank Castle in the Netflix Daredevil TV series his character was broken man turned murderous vigilante who guns down criminals with a sense of dark justice. Frank Castle is the vigilante The Punisher due to his tragic family death. 


The Punisher logo in damaged cement !!!



Date published: 18/08/17

Written by: Joseph .O.

Sources: (1) Marvel Cinematic on Facebook

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