Netflix released a new clip of L and Light having an intense conversation regarding the mystery of Kira. As we all should know this version of Death Note like the originals revolves around a serial killer being brought to Justice. L is a detective called to action by the police and Light Yagami is one of his main suspects.



This scene is awesome and very accurate to the original manga and anime. Episode 10 of Death Note has a very similar scene where they are both discussing the possibilities of Light Yagami being Kira. Actors Keith Stanfield and Nate Wolff are very convincing as L and Light Yagami I am hopeful that this film will do well. due to their acting and anime fans and their curiosity to see if this film will be a great adaption or not.




Date published: 18/08/17

Written by: Joseph .O. 

Sources: (1) Netflix    (2) L Tests Light’s Intelligence (Dub)

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