Platinum Games has recently revealed that due to the success of their latest IP Nier Automata has increased the success of the game development studio, Yoko Taro’s creation has become a hit selling more than 1.5 million unites globally, this is a huge sign of success for all the entities involved (Square Enix, Platinum Games and Yoko Taro and all the people involved) in the development of this game.

The game designer Hideki Kamiya states that:

“Nier’s success gave Platinum a different fan base and gave staff’s growth, a successful experience, an increased number of excellent employment candidates and immense benefits … basically everything I have to do It was a miserable thing … It is a miserable story, but it can not be said that platinum was saved by Mr. Yokowo … I can not thank you enough …”

The Japanese version can be seen in the first source below

This is a statement I can agree with as mentioned earlier Nier Automata sold 1.5 million units globally, if that is not a measure of a successful, Triple A video game I don’t know what is.


Date published: 15/08/17

Written by: Joseph .O.

Source: (1) @PG_kamiya the game designer for Platinum Games 

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