Nier Automata characters will cross over in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Nier Automata’s 2B, 9S and A2 will be featured in the free to play video game app Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. This new Nier Automata crossover will also include enemies from Nier Automata and other additional characters such as Emil and Operator Unit 21O and Adam units and Eve. This crossover will be available between August 11 and 24, 2017.





Brave Exvius is designed as a turn-based role-playing game, using elements from the Final Fantasy series with those of Brave Frontier, which in turn modelled their battle system from Valkyrie Profile. Similar to those games, the battle system consists of a simplified interface where players can command their characters to attack by touching the character’s corresponding attack button. Special attacks, items, or defend can be used by swiping the button and choosing the desired command.

Players advance in a dungeon through a series of stages until they encounter and defeat the end boss, all while gaining experience points, crafting materials, and money. Also new to the game compared to Brave Frontier is the ability to explore through towns and exploration dungeon through touch control in a classic RPG style, which allows the player to talk to people and interact with them, which sometimes gives the player certain tasks to complete.

The game also uses elements from the Final Fantasy series such as magic spells, character-specific limit bursts, and esper summoning. Those characters are presented in a pixel art style. As part of the game’s gacha system, players can summon characters from other Final Fantasy titles, which players can use to build a party of five units. Players can bring one additional unit into battle by utilising a friend system. By adding other people to the player’s friend list, they are able to select their friend’s shared unit before entering a dungeon.


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Date published: 13/08/17

Written by Joseph .O.

Sources: (1) Final Fantasy Brave Exvius  (2) Get the game on the Itunes App store (3) Get the game on the Googleplay store

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