Check out the second Netflix Death Note trailer featuring Ryuk and Yagami Light

Netflix released the second trailer for the upcoming American Death Note adaption of the Japanese manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata and published by Shueisha. That is the source material. This American adaption is being written by Charley Parlapanides (screenplay),  Vlas Parlapanides  (screenplay) and Jeremy Slater (screenplay). This movie is being directed by Adam Wingard and distributed by Netflix.



Netflix recently released the first preview and now a second trailer, I linked above where one of the main characters who found the Deadly notebook. Light Yagami meets the Death God who “accidentally” dropped the notebook. In the trailer above we meet Ryuk the Death God who is a primary character in this anime movie adaption of Death Note.

Ryuk who is the inventor of the Death Note he is a Death God whose trademark is apples he seems to enjoy them a lot. Once the contract has been made between Light Yagami and him being the new owner of the “Death Note”. Ryuk begins informing Light Yagami on how to use it effectively against criminals. Check it out above.

The actor who portrays Ryuk Jason Liles, the costume design and the voice actor Willem Dafoe is perfect for this role his voice is captivating and suits a live action American version of Ryuk very well since he is a Shinigami. The clip of Ryuk and Light Yagami meeting is awesome check out above.


Check out the Death Note (2017) Netfix posters below too 

Death Note (2017) will be released August 25th this year only on Netflix


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Date published: 29/07/17

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Written by SCORPZGCA

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