Check out the EVO 2017 Street Fighter V Announcement Trailer for Abigail a new comer to the game

What’s going on fighting game fans, EVO 2017 is done and the announcements are here, Capcom released a video for the PlayStation 4 version of Street Fighter 5 announcing Abigail who is a character from the OG 1989 released beat em-up game Final Fight. Abigail will be making an appearance in Street Fighter 5 as a downloadable content character.

Abigail is a big guy and seems to have close range powerful light and heavy punches and awesome punching combinations, combined with a few drop kicks he is a powerhouse character, don’t let the female name fool you he’s a very powerful new addition to Street Fighter 5.   


History of Abigail

“Abigail is a first  character who debuted as a boss in the beat ’em up game Final Fight, and is set to appear as a playable fighter in the Street Fighter series starting with the second season of Street Fighter VHe is a hulking brute of gargantuan proportions and former enforcer for the Mad Gear Gang.”


Abigail will be available on the 25th of July this year, additional season pass characters will also be available for purchase/download the additional characters include: Akuma, Kolin, Ed and two more characters that will be announced later this year. Abigail will also feature 2 separate costumes, a story and battle costume you can see below. 

A new Street Fighter 5 stage will also be available for purchase and download, this stage is featured in this promotional video above, the new DLC stage is called “Metro City Bay Area”. This stage is awesome and seems to be based in the New York City Harbour since there is a Statue of Liberty in the background.


weird.PNGdifferent costumes.PNGnew stage for street fighter 5.PNG


Thanks for reading this article are you excited for this new DLC character, stay tuned to For more news, reviews, and entertainment news regarding the latest on fighting games and other video games in general. 





Date published: 18/07/17

Sources: (1) SFV: Abigail Reveal Trailer (2) Final Fight Wikia

Written by SCORPZGCA

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