Spider-Man has his own kids TV Channel on Sky

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man, I’ve got some good news for you. Marvel have bought the rights a new Spider-Man TV Channel for Sky Digital and Virgin Media this channel will be available in the United Kingdom.

This channel is called Spider-Man and is on Sky Digital the number for this channel on Sky Digital is 608, this new Spider-Man channel is also available on Virgin  Media channel 708 this channel will feature mainly Spider-Man animated TV shows such as Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man and behind the scenes interview from Spider-Man Homecoming protagonist Tom Holland and company and most likely future Spider-Man movies. 

Make sure  you tune in to channel 608 on Sky Digital and channel 708 on Virgin Media for all your Spider-Man entertaiment needs, remeber this channel will feature new school Spider-Man animated cartoons, so shows that started broadcasting in 2012 and 2017, hopefully they will add classic Spider-Man cartoons maybe and more interviews with Spider-Man actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Ultimate Spider-Man is one of the main animated Spider-Man TV series’ you will be able to watch


Marvel’s Spider-Man is the second main TV series you can expect to watch on this channel 






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Date published: 16/07/17

Sources: (1) What’s on TV (2) TV Guide News

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