Miles Morales aka Spider-Man is back and better than ever

Most cult Spider-Man comicbook fans who, read and keep up to date with the source material the comics and graphic novels are aware that there is more than one Spider-Man character. One character who is Peter Parker’s predecessor. Miles Morales first appeared in United Fallout #4 (August 2011) following the death of Peter Parker. Miles Morales is African-American and Puerto Rican teenager he is 15 and a high school student he is the second person to take on the role of Spider-Man to appear in Ultimate Marvel. An imprint with a separate continuity from the mainstream Marvel Universe. 

Check out Marvel Comics’ Miles Morales Spider-Man illustrated by Kadir Nelson and written by Jason Reynolds: (1).jpg


Miles Morales is a very popular Spider-Man character, the National book award finalist and coreta Scott King Award winning YA author Jason Reynolds known for writing the book When I Was the Greatest, Ghost book wrote this book this story is about Miles’ troubles with a teacher who did not agree completely with him and had it out for him, as well as his struggle to find himself as a superhero and a normal teenager.

Miles Morales’s culture influences every part of him from the way he walks and the way he talks and what is expected of him by his family, friends and community “All of these things have to affect how he is Spider-Man, and furthermore, how he feels about being Spider-Man”. Reynolds says.


Cover illustrator Kadir Nelson is a dedicated fan of Spider-Man he states “Spider-Man has been my favourite superhero since I was a kid, and I was excited to see that a young brown kid who looks a lot like my young self, and my nine-year old son, has become the newest iteration of the character,” Nelson says.  “I’m very happy to see more diversity in the world of superheroes, and I’m sure it will inspire a whole new generation of fans.” 

There’s a reason, this book is called Miles Morales: Spider-Man and not the other way around, this story focuses on Miles as opposed to his superhero alter-ego “The idea of the mask in any scenario has always fascinated me,” says Reynolds.  “Not only does it protect identity, it also allows one to hide… There’s the Miles the mask is protecting, and the Miles hiding behind the mask. And it’s that Miles – the one hiding – I was interested in.” says Reynolds. Jason Reynolds is a very passionate about his work. 

It was important to Nelson that he portray Miles as a normal kid on the cover art. He wanted him to be relatable for young kids who want a superhero that they can truly identify with on a cultural level — and wants readers to feel like they’ve caught a special moment of Spider-Man in action.  

This graphic “Miles Morales: Spider-Man” novel will be on sale August the 1st 2017.


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Date Published: 12/07/17

Sources: (1) Mashable (2) Check out Kadir Nelson on Twitter (3) Pre-order the Miles Morales graphic novel here

Written by SCORPZGCA

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