Did you miss the Power Rangers 2017 movie ? well now is your chance to see it, The DVD/Blu-Ray is on the way

Go, go Power Rangers, the 2017 movie is released and to be honest the film did struggle at the box office, with a box office result of 140.2 million USD bear in mind the budget was 100 million USD, so in a way the film was a success in my opinion but there are still predictions, discussions amongst fans and meetings amongst the important people who in Saban Brands the American private equity investment firm and  Lionsgate the entertainment corporation who endorsed and produced this film company.


The sequel is imperative, it is important that a sequel happens, all the die hard fans of Power Rangers new and old deserve to see Jason David Frank and other members of the OG show back or even a brand new Green Power Ranger which could be a female after seeing the ending and extra scene in the classroom, I want Power Rangers to actually succeed and have a serious film franchise in the future but for now the best we can do is buy the DVD/Blu-Ray which will officially be released  June 27th.

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Source: (1) CoolestClips4k (2) Geeks of Color (3) Neo-Saban Power Rangers Neo-Saban Power Rangers

Written by SCORPZGCA

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