Check out the Tekken 7 – PS4/XB1/PC – Ultimate Bowling (DLC Trailer)

Tekken 7 is finally getting the DLC it deserves, on July the 6th 2017 Bandai Namco released a video on youtube on the Ultimate Tekken Bowling Downloadable content trailer. The trailer is so cool it stars the head of the Tekken project Katsuhiro Harada who is amazing. Him and Bandai Namco are doing great things with this fighting game Intellectual Property.  



In this trailer above linked above Katsuhiro Harada is bowling to awesome music in the background and get’s a strike first try so cool. Alongside one of the characters in Tekken 7 you guessed it Paul Phoenix. 

At 1:13 you actually get to see game play from the intriguing Tekken 7 Ultimate Bowling. The character being used is Lucky Chloe she throws down a bowling ball and earns a strike !!! as compared to the Tekken Tag Tournament bowling mini game (You earn once you complete all the characters individual story) is different and a lot more simple and plain but in a good way this next generation version is a lot more updated. 

This year’s version has neon blue lights and looks like a customisation bowling ball, Lucky Chloe fits in, and was a great choice for this trailer she is so fun and vibrant with her usual saying “See, you next time”. Also behind the character and around the video game setting makes the environment look somewhat realistic the bowling interior looks like an actual real life bowling venue it’s awesome. 

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Source: (1) Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

Written by SCORPZGCA

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