Today a Bleach live action movie trailer has been released and it is awesome, the actor Sōta Fukushi in  the actor for Kamen Rider Fourze is playing Ichigo Kurosaki, is enough reason to make me watch and other people. 



I am so excited this teaser does not reveal too much but that’s why it’s called a teaser it makes us all excited and eager for more. Ichigo Kurosaki’s signature Zanpaktou Zangetsu is seen in this teaser and his awesome Shinigami attire. Warner Bros Picture’s are doing something amazing and the music is awesome the all around presentation is greatness and I hope this is available to the Western audience as well as Japan off course. Getsuga Tenshou !!!  Bleach FTW 



Source: (1) IchiRuki イチルキ

Written by SCORPZGCA

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