What’s going everyone hope you’re having a good night, The official YouTube for Sonic the hedgehog the video games’ released their latest OST of the main theme for Sonic Forces the upcoming 2017 Sonic IP that will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year. Sonic needs to be great again and I believe Sonic Forces will be great.



The original sound track is called “FIST BUMP” and it sounds awesome I’m excited that we are all getting exclusive behind the scenes content before the game is officially released straight from the source, I am expecting greatness from this next generation Sonic IP. Music is a very important aspect in life and a video game.

Sonic music is one of my favourite examples of music and video game music and OST or whatever you want to refer to this form of entertainment, to me this is like Pop rock with a retro video twist it so fun to hear real instruments on a song accompanied by lyrics, drums and guitar music I am hyped.  


Source: (1) Sonic the hedgehog on YouTube

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