My Final Fantasy XV [Video game review]


Final Fantasy XV was my first ever Final Fantasy IP, not my first Square Enix video game (That was Sleeping Dogs on the PlayStation 3) I was excited to play and watch this IP, I was anxious at first because I didn’t know what to expect from a Final Fantasy game but I was pleasantly surprised, this game was advertised appropriately for millennial and first timers.


The lore of story was insightful, the story starts is an open world, out on the road with his closest friends, Prince Noctis hears unsettling news: his homeland has fallen to the empire, with his father, fiancée, and he himself reported dead. Unsure of what to, believe he knows only one thing —-he must make his way home and take back what is rightfully his. This game is awesome you can engage with incredible creatures with amazing attacks and magic, explore a massive open world on foot or by car and more and off course experience a truly epic tale of excitement, betrayal, and tragedy.



Final Fantasy 15 is an action role-playing game, the game is very intuitive. The game teaches you the controls and techniques for example: limit break which is limits and powerful combat moves, Limit breaks are among the most damaging moves in a player’s disposal several Limit Breaks develop in various characters’ signature moves for instance Noctis has a homing move when his Phantom Sword Secae, normal combo, crush, ravage, descend, vanquish, conquer, phantom sword combos, phantom sword (Armiger) Aqesiro, Phantom Sword (Armiger) Rhogomyniad, Phantom Sword (Armiger) Galrntine and Phantom Sword (Armiger) Secace. 



Character Development 


Noctis: I really enjoyed the main character in this game, he is quite familiar and has a big heart, he seems like a nice guy and has a huge responsibility on his hands.

Gladiolus: To me this character is like the big brother of the 4 he is the Prince’s shield and it is his job to spare with Noctis and keep him motivated.

Ignis: As the most intelligent member of the squad Ignis is the King’s advisor well for Noctis he is intelligent so he has a great memory and teaches the squad about teamwork, cooking and tips and tricks to winning and advancing in the world of Eos.

Prompto: The Prince’s friend he is a blonde, photographer who is the life of the party so funny and entertaining. 



  1. The ideology of four lads enjoying a road trip together 
  2. Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus 
  3. The story and gameplay mechanics the swords, weapons and magic 
  4. The cut scenes 


  1. Ardyn (The main supervillain) 
  2. The difficulty 
  3. Some enemies were too fucking hard to defeat for a newbie like me 
  4. Too much secrecy amongst the enemies


Overall Square Enix developed and published an amazing IP, I thoroughly enjoyed Final Fantasy 15 it was truly an epic, experience I’m glad I got it and completed it I need to get the DLC’s for each character so I can understand the lore a little bit more. Currently Gladioulus, Prompto’s downloadable content mini games are available on the PS Store. I hope we get Ignis soon all characters have an interesting dynamic and great personalities. 




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Final Fantasy 15 FTW MY CERTIFICATE 

Written by SCORPZGCA

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