Assassins Creed Anime is on the way by the Catslevania Netflix producer

Stop the presses, Adi Shankar an Indian born American film producer, YouTube personality and actor well-known for youngest producer to have a number one film at the North American box office with The Grey has announced that he will be developing an Assassins Creed anime.


This information captured my attention because as a blogger/writer I enjoy video games and anime and now a hybrid of the two is in development. Thank you to IGN UK and Kotaku for the heads up. Apparently this director will be working on the Castlevania Neflix animated movie that I reported on a while back. This is amazing news I’m hoping Ubisoft has some input and I’m hoping he reads the source material (manga) and has a team of people who are passionate about video games and anime and bring this project to life, I’m waiting for a teaser trailer.

With the recent announcment of Assasins Creed: Origin I can’t wait to see if previous Assasins Creed characters will be in this upcoming anime, plot, story, flashback, character development, action secenes, betrayal, fights, sad moments, happy moments, the history, lore, weopons & art and animation. Will this be avaialble on Cruncyroll who knows. ???


Stay tuned to for all your updates on anime and manga and video games.



Sources: (1) IGN UK (2) DeviantArt  (3) Kotaku


Written by SCORPZGCA

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