Attack on Titan Season 3 listed to start spring (2018)

Disclaimer: This may have spoilers, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

Anime expo 2017 one of the biggest anime conventions in America took place this summer in Los Angeles. This event was an amazing opportunity for anime fans and the anime industry to unite. Attack on Titan recently started their breath-taking second season anime and manga fans seem to be satisfied with the series, progression and anime adaptation.


Above you can see @AoTWiki linked showing Attack on Titan Season 3 “tentatively” for Spring 2018 at Anime Expo 2017 by @Funimation #AttackonTitan #ShingekinoKyojin.

Time: 5:32 AM 

Date: 02/07/17




According to recent reports from, Crunchyroll, attendees at Anime Expo in America. Attack on Titan the anime has been listed to begin next year during the spring season of  This is great news because it gives the production cooperation company Production I.G, Wit Studio and Manga Entertainment in the United Kingdom time to plan the: writing, directing, animating, translation, dubbing, subtitles and any oversea business activities such as finance, marketing, budgeting, sales, economic and customer service.

I am mostly excited about discovering, the beast Titan, Levi and Mikasa’s Ackerman heritage, Eren’s explanation of the co-ordinate power in depth, future titan shifters’, Eldlians’, Wall Maria, why the Eldians’ were turned into Titans in the first place and just the character development and progression of the story and even season 4.

I am psyched, Attack on Titan and Anime FTW Hajime Isayama is awesome, thank you for reading have a nice day and stay tuned to this blog for updates on anime and manga news.



Sources: (1) AoT Wiki (2) Crunchyroll (3) Funimation

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