Check out Grezzer’s latest music video for Lonely path

Grezzer is an upcoming UK Rap/Hip Hop musician from South London, he is breaking into the scene and quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Rappersverse   finally released the music video to his latest song titled “Lonely path” it was available on Soundcloud.

Grezzer’s latest song is a true, in-depth story about his inner struggles about being alone. For instance

Understand the Chorus 

“My heart aches, this world is a harsh place faces many hard days feeling lonely in this dark maze, life’s a bitch no lie as a teen I was treated as a outcast labelled as a low life falling down a couple of times I will never give up until many doors are open as if I have the car keys too many set backs I can’t sleep, too many flashbacks my heart bleeds being true to you is a lonely path G “. 

These lyrics hit me hard as a listener, blogger and writer. This man is a talented artist and so are the people over at Rappersverse (@Joshvisualartist) .

The video was recorded and edited in an appropriate way, the colours in this video were monochrome and suited the vibe, it was slightly sad but it was real. I respect that about this musician. Grezzer is wearing a sweatband and a sick jacket while he spits his amazing bars in a park explaining his dreams and goals. Loneliness is terrible and so is working a minimum wage job (shoezone no offence)

“Reality hurt, like I had a migraine times colder like the ice age depression is a scary state rising above it is hard going through life’s pain I keep a strong composure even though life is colder, going through hard times is really worth it facing my fears I can’t be moving nervous, it’s all apart of my life’s purpose my troubles are deeper the ocean I refuse to be broken overcome I need to have a sound mind overcome the rough patches I don’t want to go downside”. 


Check out these images of the man himself

Photo Credits: Dimarti


Photo credits: Dimarti

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Written by SCORPZGCA

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