Dragonball Super Tournament of Power Begins

The true tournament you have all been waiting for is about to begin, the Tournament of Power has officially begun on episode 97 of Dragon Ball Super. the official description for this episode “On the 3,135,500,603rd day of king’s calendar, on the 157th hour, ten warriors selected from each universe shall participate in the Tournament of Power”. —– Let’s Do It, Zen-Oh! The Universe’s Greatest Martial Arts Tournament !!!”

The Tournament (Chikara no Taikai) is the official Japanese translation of this current arc to by Zen-Oh and Future Zen-Oh. Who are the strongest warriors from eight of the twelve Universes.

They will be participating in this tournament, one of the rules that will be implemented states if anyone loses in this tournament they will have their universe wiped out, according to the greatest priest. The true motivation from the organisation and the tournament of power is to eradicate weaker Universes. Zen-Oh believes that there’s too much universes and wants his universe to be the dominant one.

Check out the trailer below for this action and badassery.

Check out the poster too it’s too raw, Goku looks so amazing and seems to have a new Transformation.



This weekend is your chance, to watch this badass tournament of power for yourself. A more in-depth synopsis: This weekend on Dragon Ball Super! 80 warriors from 8 universes will battle to save their home from destruction by the Omni King, Zen-Oh-sama!

To promote the event, Toei Animation has published a new promotional trailer featuring Universe 7. Some of you may feel like you’ve seen this before and the reason is you may have back in April when Toei Animation published a similar trailer.

The difference, just like in the anime, is Majin Buu has been replaced by Frieza. The music playing is from the opening of Dragon Ball Super – Limit-Break x Survivor by Hikawa Kiyoshi.


Toei Animation also revealed a new poster featuring a Fiery Red Goku or steam-surrounded Goku promoting the arc. It reads the work/technique of the gods reaches completion…the Tournament of Power finally begins. Dragon Ball Super every Sunday at 9:00 on Fuji TV.


You can watch Dragonball Super on Crunchyroll in the fourth source below.


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Written by SCORPZGCA

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