Check out the My Hero Academia 2nd Season 2nd Story Arc – Trailer

The official youtube of the animation distribution company Toho Animation released a My Hero Academia trailer of the second half of season two. This arc revolves around the new villain that was introduced during season 2 episode 11. 


The official website for the second season of the My Hero Academia television anime series began streaming a new video on Saturday that previews the show’s second cour. The video also previews amazarashi‘s new opening theme song “Sora ni Utaeba” (If I Sing in the Sky). The video previews the show’s “Hero Killer Stain” arc.

Check out the preview video above  it shows us what is in store for Izuku Midorya and the rest of the characters. I’m hoping to see Deku as a superhero but most importantly I want to see him control his all for one quirk without pain and suffering because in previous episodes Deku get’s injured (During his battle with Todoriki) when he uses his quirk. Also I’m excited to see the progression of this anime and how Deku will become a professional superhero and take on super villains such as Stain. 


Source: (1) Toho Animation (2) ANIMENEWSNETWORK

Written by SCORPZGCA

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