Attack on Titan season 3 is confirmed for a 2018 release, check out the teaser trailer

Yesterday it was announced by Crunchyroll and confirmed by the official Attack on Titan twitter that season 3 has been green lit, this is amazing news because the producers Wit studio have stated that the next season for this anime will be released in 2018.

English translation

“TV Animation” Advance Giant “Season 3” We have decided to start in 2018! It is! Continue to support the TV anime “Advance Giant”! It is! Please look forward to the next report! It is!

This is amazing news because, of the outrage of season 2 only having 12 episodes which was too short and as compared to the first season that had 25 episodes a lot of Shingeki no Kyojin fans were upset but now with the third season confirmed we can now finish season 2 happy knowing we are getting more content next year. 

(This may include spoilers)

What I’m expecting in season 3 

  1. An explanation to who that guy was on top of The Beast Titan the guy with the binoculars and glasses.
  2. Eren learning about the co-ordinate ability 
  3. At least 25 episodes or more if we are lucky 
  4. Eldians and Paradis explored more 
  5. The Church to come clean about their involvment with the Titans 
  6. Levi and Captain Erwin fighting the Beast Titan 
  7. The Beast Titan who will most likely be the final villain 
  8. Historia’s royal family explored and explained more and her ties to the King
  9. Mikasa and Levi’s heritage touched upon and explained exactly where they came from since they are the last remaining Asian family
  10. Dinosaurs with glowing red hearts in the opening explained


Below FUNimation has released a short 0:15 second teaser trailer for season 3 of Attack on Titan:

I’m so psyched, pumped and excited for next year, it looks like another amazing year for anime. This time we don’t have to wait four years to see Eren, Mikasa and Armin and also Levi, Hanji Zoe, Commander Erwin, THE TITANS (The shifters, Abnormal, regular ones) etch. Let me know if you are excited too leave a comment below.



Sources: (1) Crunchyroll  (2) FUNimation

Written by SCORPZGCA

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5 thoughts on “Attack on Titan season 3 is confirmed for a 2018 release, check out the teaser trailer

      1. Yeah I know right, Levi is the strongest soldier and The Beast Titan is one of the strongest Titan shifters it’s going to be an intense battle I can’t wait to see it animated in all it’s glory

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