Dragon Ball Fighter Z is going to be epic check out the first game play session

The critically acclaimed anime fighting game is back and ready for a new generation to start playing. Microsoft’s E3 this year showed many amazing titles but this one in is one of the most exciting fighting games they displayed this year. As a self-proclaimed anime and manga aficionado who watches Dragon Ball Super I feel like 2017 is the year fighting games and anime will be respected.  

Rated at 12 the trailer shows the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z, the game play features 3 on 3 battles where characters use their abilities and powers (Energy blasts, projectiles, Kamehameha, destructo disc etch) and martial arts to fight. Notable characters from the franchise are back. The characters in the video above consist of:

  1. Frieza
  2. Good Bu 
  3. Semi Perfect Cell 


  1. Goku 
  2. Goten 
  3. Vegeta 

Bandai Namco Europe Entertainment are doing great things with their IP’s with an initial release of 2018 this video game is a fighting game to look out for developed by Arc System Work this title could be a eSport contender at EVO the number one fighting game tournament in the United States of America and now in Japan too. This is still a working title too so expect to hear more updates in the future.

Expect this game to sell many units it is scheduled for release in early 2018 for the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC


Dragonball Fighter Z logo 


Source: (1) Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

Written by SCORPZGCA

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