What a time to be alive, Final Fantasy 15 was my first Final Fantasy video game and it was officially released last year on the 29th of November. The first downloadable content for this IP was based on Gladiolus Amicitia which was released March the 28th, upon completing his story we get to see a teaser trailer for the photographer of the group of friends who are intended to protect King Noctis.

Naoshi Mizuta is the man in this trailer he is a brilliant video game composer he explains the development process and it is interesting because it was more of an explanation with a brief moment of third person shooting action in a Japanese role-playing game.

Prompto Argentum is a very intriguing character he is the life of the party in the main story line because he is the go-lucky funny guy who always wants to take a picture with his camera. I guess this it’s within his nature to be that guy. Prompto is the gunslinger of the team he uses dual wield hand guns, valiant, valiant II and the Executioner. 

Check out where you can see game play in this trailer: The short part of game play was badass.

  1. 0:45-0:58 – The cinematic gunslinger part where our blonde hero has to make a life threatening decision and shoot someone the question is who???
  2. (gunslinger) 1:33 – 1:38 This video game looks awesome and reminiscent of Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow or even Metal Gear Solid 4 video game.


During the last parts of Final Fantasy 15 if you completed the video game you will know we discovered some revelations on his back story but now with this downloadable content we will uncover the truth.

I like Prompto Argentum he is my kind of guy, I would like to hang out with people like him and talk and laugh about things. His friendship with Noctis is one of a kind they are like brothers. I remember watching the anime and he used to be overweight and lost weight for his friend and himself he is an awesome friend and companion to Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus I’m hyped for his DLC.

Expect his DLC to be officially released on June 27th 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

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Written by SCORPZGCA

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