Check out Sub-Zero he’s now confirmed for Injustice 2

Neatherealm studios and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment have officially released a new their latest trailer featuring Sub Zero Grand Master of the Lin Kuei. This character is an iconic fighting game character., Sub Zero has appeared in all previous Moral Kombat video games. His signature powers consist of ice based attacks he can manipulate ice and create it, into many different forms to attack and immobilize his opponents. (Scorpion or anyone else)

In this trailer the blue iced warrior takes on The Dark Knight this match is badass too really iconic characters battling it out in a fight to see who is the victor, Sub Zero has mastery over ice and shoots an array of ice spikes inflicting damage on Batman, this is part of his super move there is also an ice hammer he uses to hit him this was too cold, he should be available now.

Sub-Zero Injustice 2 Synopsis

“Sub-Zero is a lethal cryomancer and leader of the reformed Lin Kuei clan. When Sub-Zero was younger, the Lin Kuei were corrupted and destroyed from within, staining their honor.

Now serving as Grandmaster, Sub-Zero vows to redeem that honor, pledging to defend the realm from threats near, far, and beyond. In the intergalactic menace Brainiac, Sub-Zero sees a threat to all worlds, and perhaps his greatest opportunity for redemption yet”.


This was totally unexpected and out of the blue, but awesome nevertheless. I am a big fan of fighting games and Injustice 2 is no different I think this IP is amazing and they haven’t even finished announcing characters yet. Injustice and Injustice 2 is DC Comics official fighting game. 

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Source: (1) Injustice YouTube   (2) Injustice.

Written by SCORPZGCA 

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