God of War is a very well-known IP from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony showcased the all new game play E3 trailer. This game play trailer is for the upcoming God of War reboot which is introducing Kratos who is a God, anti-hero and the franchise’s main protagonist. 



The presentation is beautiful as usual. The sound, settings, performance and overall optimisation is crisp but on the other hand it seems like Kratos has brought his son he could have a sidekick role. This game has most of the elements of God of War but more, such as giant beasts, warriors fighting, bow and arrows’, student & mentor, open world and third person action and adventure.

The gameplay trailer shows a mix of story cinematic and gameplay hack and slash is apparent in this game from Sony’s Santa Monica Studio this IP was announced last year during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s E3 press conference.

This franchise has changed drastically from Greek mythology to Ancient Norse myths with a whole new perspective on family values between Father and Son. (Kratos and Artreus) 




Sources: (1) PlayStation   (2) The Verge

Written by SCORPZGCA

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