Check out the new Spider-Man video game for PlayStation 4 – E3 2017

This title is currently a work in progress, but this new Marvel superhero video game is fitting since Spider-Man: Homecoming is coming out July the 7th this year. This game will not have any connection to that continuity but since they are both related I thought I might as well mention this…


Spider-Man is amazing I really like what they are doing with this character his new suit and purpose seem interesting. The presentation is outstanding this must be on PlayStation 4 Pro this is a story based game that involves the legendary superhero Spider-Man as a superhero it is your job to investigate the town and take out any unwanted enemy super-villains operating within the area. 

The main super villains this trailer reveals are Wilso Fisk, Army of demons (Really just a mafia with masks) Spider-Man’s new suit design is a white Spider symbol on his chest and his back his suit. As usual expect to see agility, clever witty comments, exciting web slinging and uses for his webs, fighting henchmen, gadgets & technology and conspiracies from our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man game. (Miles Morales too)

This new Spider-Man PlayStation 4 video game is yet to be announced, the publisher is SIEE, the genre is action and developer is Insomniac Games. Look out for this awesome superhero video game of the iconic webslinger Spider-Man also known as Peter Parker.

Watch the trailer linked above and tell me what you think 



Source (1): Marvel Entertainment

Written by SCORPZGCA

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17 thoughts on “Check out the new Spider-Man video game for PlayStation 4 – E3 2017

  1. This is really cool and this was one of the games I was waiting for a long time. I am impressed by the visuals and I didn’t even know Miles Morales was going to be in this game. Maybe it’s possible he will join the game.

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      1. Maybe Miles will be a playable character in this game or it could end up leading to a sequel with him being the stars. I am surprised how much effort Insomaniac put into this game compared to the previous games.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We still got a long way to go until this game comes out. I am curious about what is the main story and who is going to be involved besides Spidy and Kingpin. The gameplay reminds me of the Batman Arkham games.

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