Check out the new Monster of the deep Final Fantasy XV PlayStation Virtual reality game teaser trailer

Square Enix announced another amazing update or new PlayStation 4 virtual reality game for Final Fantasy XV, off course this is just a teaser but it’s exciting to see the progression of this action role-playing video game. (This was my first Final Fantasy)


Monster of the Deep is rated at 12 by PEGI this trailer shows game play with the usual bunch of characters in this game: Noctis, Prompto, Gladio and Ignis but in particular Noctis with his fishing hobby.

Noctis loves to fish, you can do it in the story mode in the game in river parts if you’re free or want to take the risk during in game action. This additional part of the game is light hearted and how can I forget to mention is virtual reality fishing which means it will be a lot more immersive and will seem like you’re fishing for all kinds of fish such as: Alstor bass (small), Alstor bass (big), Spiked Alstor bass, Panther bass and Risorath peacock bass. 

I am so excited for this to be released I’m glad this game even though it took “10 years” to develop is continuing to stay relevant and get updates and PlayStation Virtual Reality versions and all sorts (I’m still waiting for the Prompto DLC though) 


Source: Eurogamer

Written by SCORPZGCA 

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