Check out the Monster Hunter: World – E3 2017 trailer

Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment finally released their much-needed E3 2017 press conference Shawn Layden the president and CEO introduced us to many video games from Sony Interactive Entertainment he briefly spoke about 2016 news such as: PS VR, PS4 PRO, 4K but most importantly the video games.


The critically acclimated title Monster Hunter is a role-playing video game series created and developed by Capcom, this game was introduced during the PlayStation 2 era (the year 2000 The sixth generation of gaming). This franchise Monster Hunter started in Japan when Capcom decided to develop Monster Hunter Freedom for the PlayStation Portable. 

The heart and soul of Monster Hunter is co-op gaming or multiplayer where gamers have to hunt for monsters together this type of gaming features a four-player local wireless play made exclusively for the PlayStation Portable which was an amazing for Japanese video gamers. This franchise is definitely important to gamers and the businesses that developed and published it too, the Monster Hunter series sold over 40 million units mostly in their home country of Japan and worldwide.

This 2017 E3 trailer is beautiful and shows brilliant gameplay and a lot of the RPG elements (your character, monsters, weapons, unique dinosaurs, the music, the setting,) expect this video game to be released in early 2018 for the PlayStation 4.  

Monster Hunter World Logo


Source (1): PlayStation

Written by SCORPZGCA

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