What’s going on everybody, hope you’re doing well. Not too long ago I made a blog post on the musician Grezzer well guess what he’s back and still bringing his music to the industry. Grezzer is quickly becoming a household name in the music scene, today we are featuring his new song called “Lonely Path”.

”Lonely Path” is a powerful, emotional song that he describes as straight from the heart hear are some of the moving lyrics.


Link to his new song: here

This new song proves how versatile Grezzer can be when writing and spitting his bars. His flow, delivery and style is unique. This song is awesome don’t take this man lightly he will shock you with his bars of flame. Grezzer is on the rise don’t forget to click his social media to keep up with all things Grezzer and listen to his new song.


“I was treated as an outcast labeled as a low life
Falling down a couple of times
I will never give up until many doors are open as if I have the car keys”. “Being true to you
Its a lonely path g”




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Sources (1): Check out Grezzer’s latest song on SoundcloudCheck out Grezzer’s latest song on Soundcloud

Written by SCORPZGCA

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