Yesterday, Microsoft finally did their live press conference, Microsoft has been in the dark when it comes to revealing their information to the world but within reason. Microsoft is still a dominant force in the entertainment industry. 



A spokesman for Ubisoft, announced that their next Assassins Creed video game will be called Assassins Creed: Origins  Bayuk. This new Assassins Creed seems to take place in Ancient Egypt where you are a lone survivor and explorer, as I was watching this trailer I was pleasantly surprised to see similar elements from older IP’s such as Horses, Hoods the attire,  animals (such as eagles), temples, enemies, sphinx, anubis, exploration, bow’s and arrows, the dessert, finding items, customisation options, stealth elements and many other things.

One thing I need to learn about Assassins Creed games, is the lore this game seems to utilise the XBOX ONE X’s or XBOX ONE’s 60 FPS and amazing presentation in a modern video game in the 21st century the story telling and rich history of Ancient Egypt is finally going to be explored on the 27th of October  2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: (1) Assassins Creed Origins

Written by SCORPZGCA

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