Check out the Kingdom Hearts III E3 2017 first look teaser trailer

E3 is an amazing time for video game enthusiasts’ of all kinds, right now this is the summer entertainment event where the biggest names in the video games industry will be announcing their projects that they have been working on and now developer Square Enix Holdings has dropped a 2 minute teaser trailer of what seems to be gameplay of the critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts III.


Sora and his keyblade are finally back I’m expecting big things from this game the gameplay is totally fluid and I like how there are disney characters involved, this game looks like a action role-playing game, my only dilemma is the length it will take to be released. Knowing Japanese video game develoepers who are associlated with Square Enix we gaming fans could be waiting a long time for this game. (Remeber Final Fantasy XV 10 years) 

Tetsuya Nomura the game designer and all his colegues (Disney) and associates are interesting, Square Enix Holdings the publisher has a lot of work to do this IP will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the near future most likely.


Source: (1) IGN

Written by SCORPZGCA 

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