My first time skateboarding the iconic London skate spot: Southbank Skatepark

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed my love for skateboarding, growing up obviously I enjoyed entertainment a lot, such as video games, comic book superhero TV shows, movies and cartoons but after a while all of that gradually gets boring too much of everything is bad. 

Personally, I have been skateboarding for a year on and off, I officially started the hobby in 2017 and it is so cool, slightly scary but overall exciting. Through this extreme sport I want to just have fun and improve I can Ollie and shuvit but I want to and I will practice tricks such as kickflip and 360 pop shuv it. 

Today’s skate session was awesome, feeling my Daewon Song  Almost skateboard with The Joker graphic on the back from DC Comics, it was my first time at South Bank Skatepark in London one of the most if not most iconic London skate park located by Westminster Bridge. I popped some decent ollies and shuv-its I’ve got to learn more tricks very soon. I’m definitely going to keep on skateboarding its great cardio and so much fun.

When I was a young boy I would spend a lot of my time, watching Sky Digital back in the days I used to watch the old Extreme channel that went off air in the United Kingdom but is still on social media the channel was Extreme channel.

In the United Kingdom Extreme channel was the destination for all your skateboarding, BMX, Dirt Biking essentially X-Games content. I was particularly interested in skateboarding I used to play a video game called Airblade for the PlayStation 2, this game was definitely served for some much-needed motivation to get me on a skateboard. 

One professional athlete who inspired to start skateboarding was Nyjah Huston. This man is one of the biggest names in the sport. Nyjah Huston has been skateboarding ever since he was 9  this guy is one of my biggest inspirations he was too good at executing difficult tricks such as 50-50 down a 20-stair set handrail, Barley Grind. Check out one of his throw away parts below.


Check out some pics I took while I was out there 

I totally skated here today it was really fun ;D


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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Written by SCORPZGCA 

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