On June the 6th 2017, SEGA released an original soundtrack, that will be featured in their upcoming video game Sonic Forces. This soundtrack in the form of a YouTube video linked below is a true testament to amazing video game music being showcased in an iconic franchise.

The music is composed by Tomayo Ohtani who is a composer who worked for SEGA for this game, he has made music for various Sonic games prior to this one. Judging by the title of the video for this soundtrack this original soundtrack will be used in the Park Avenue stage.

Park Avenue is a fast-paced stage with destruction to avoid, along with an overwhelming number of enemies and obstacles, including spikes.

There are many pathways in the stage to choose, whether if the player wants to go along a higher route or a lower route. Standard objects in Park Avenue include Springs, Ramps, Boosters, Zip Lines, Dash Rings and Red Star Rings. The stage also have Wisp Capsules for Modern Sonic and the Custom Hero to use. However, some Wisp Capsules will be empty, transparent and cannot be interacted with until after the player encounters the Wisp they contain.

Source (2) Wikia: Sonic Forces Park Avenue Stage



Sources: (1) Sonic the hedgehog on Facebook Sonic Forces OST  (2) Wikia: Sonic Forces Park Avenue Stage

Written by SCORPZGCA 

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