Chemical Plant Zone returns for Sonic Mania


SEGA released a video showing footage of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2, this video shows the gameplay elements of Sonic Mania. This video features Miles” Tails Prower also known as just “Tails” who will be a playable character in this upcoming Sonic release. In my opinion this trailer is fun, entertaining and retro.

I think it was a good move to show more additional characters in Sonic Mania because it shows that SEGA are catering to people who are fans of different characters not just the protagonist and mascot Sonic the hedgehog. Tails is an important character and I think the flying element is significant because it adds character and variety to this video game.

Let’s not forget the actual level itself. Chemical Plant Zone is iconic and well-known for being in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Chemical Plant Zone is an an industrial cityscape filled with blue deadly gloop this level features mechanical creatures and twisting chemical pipes. 

I’m excited for this retro Sonic game, I believe SEGA are trying to cater to the older and newer generation of Sonic fans. Headcannon and PagodaWest Games are the developers of Sonic Mania they are doing a fantastic job, with these reveal trailers.Expect more information when the news drops right here on Scorpz(G)ames(C)omics(A)nime. (



Source (1) Wikia: Chemical Plant Zone

Written by SCORPZGCA

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