Cowboy Bepop is getting the live action adaption treatment from Tomorrow Studios


Cowboy Bepop is confirmed for a  live action television series by Tomorrow Studios, a partnership between ITV Studios and Marty Adelstein.The live action version will be executive produced by Sunset Inc. — the studio responsible for the original animated iteration — as well as Midnight Radio, Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements, and Matthew Weinberg. Midnight Radio consists of Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg. Chris Yost will write the adaptation.

Cowboy Bepop is an anime originally written by Cain Kuga and published by Kadokawa Shoten in Japan and Tokyopop in North America. The demographic this manga was targeted for was Shojo, the magazine that Cowboy Bepop was featured in was Monthly Asuka Fantasy DX. The original show run was September the 18th 1997 until June 18th 1998. In America the anime was on Adult Swim.

A brief synopsis of the anime Cowboy Bepop

In the year 2071, humanity has colonized several of the planets and moons of the solar system leaving the now uninhabitable surface of planet Earth behind. The Inter Solar System Police attempts to keep peace in the galaxy, aided in part by outlaw bounty hunters, referred to as “Cowboys”. The ragtag team aboard the spaceship Bebop are two such individuals.

Mellow and carefree Spike Spiegel is balanced by his boisterous, pragmatic partner Jet Black as the pair makes a living chasing bounties and collecting rewards. Thrown off course by the addition of new members that they meet in their travels—Ein, a genetically engineered, highly intelligent Welsh Corgi; femme fatale Faye Valentine, an enigmatic trickster with memory loss; and the strange computer whiz kid Edward Wong—the crew embarks on thrilling adventures that unravel each member’s dark and mysterious past little by little.

Well-balanced with high density action and light-hearted comedy, Cowboy Bebop is a space Western classic and an homage to the smooth and improvised music it is named after.

In my opinion I think this live action adaption news is great, I mean I know anime live action adaptions are always a grey area amongst fans in entertainment but Cowboy Bepop if done right could work.

The original series is widely recognised as one of the greatest anime series’ to date, mixing themes of the western with a science-fiction setting and a unique cast of characters. The show follows the adventures of Spike Spiegel and his rag-tag crew of bounty hunters who travel through space on a quest to capture the galaxy’s most wanted criminals. If that doesn’t sound like a badass show to you I don’t know what will I’m hoping it will be available to watch in the  United Kingdom and worldwide (America, Japan, Africa, South America, Asia-Pacific ect. 



From right to left: 1. Spike Spiegel, 2. Faye Valentine  3. Jet Black   4. Edward (Ed) Wong and their loyal steed   5. Ein 



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(3) ITV/Tomorrow Studios


Written by SCORPZGCA

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