Overwatch’s lead game director explains the latest map: Horizon Lunar Colony Map

Blizzard Entertainment’s lead game director Jeff Kaplan explains, in this developers update video, the latest free playable map for Overwatch the game. This map is called Horizon Lunar Colony. This map takes place on the moon. According to Jeff the Overwatch community has been contacting the Overwatch team online in forums and on Twitter regarding more maps and an explanation of the some characters back story within the game. That is the reason the development team at Blizzard decided to create this new map which is actually Winton’s first home. This new map is assault according to Jeff. 

Jeff explains that this map will feature high ground and low ground areas and also flanking options for each team. Since this map takes place on the moon it will include low gravity so players can options to battle on the surface of the moon even though they felt like it felt like a gimmick the Overwatch team included this in the map. Jeff also players can use the custom game browser to edit game modes you can see this here in this explanation trailer link HERE.

Jeff also explains how this map will is regarding Winston’s back story Winston used to live on the moon that’s where he was originally from, before he migrated to Earth.This map sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun for Overwatch players. This map will be entertaining especially with zero gravity features since you will be playing with your team against the opposing team online, in your games.


Sources: PlayOvereatch on YouTube

Written by SCORPZGCA

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