Team RTFM|Kaneandtrench beats CKT|Fergus to become the ESL Tekken 7 UK Champion

On the 26th of May 2017 the grand finals for the Tekken 7 ESL UK Championships took place at MCM London Comicon, In the ExCel centre. This tournament was specifically for qualified Tekken players who earned their place through the other UK Tekken tournaments.

The last round of the grand finals were between two competitive Tekken players: Team RTFM Kaneandtrench who uses the character Yoshimitsu and CKT|Fergus who uses the character Asuka Kazama. Both players are high level competitors who are part of eSports teams and organisations. Kaneandtrench is part of Team RTFM and Fergus is part of CKT also known as Cool Kids Table.



We got to witness high level Tekken 7 gameplay in the UK’s biggest pop culture event MCM London comic con, Kaneandtrench was the player who won the most important series of matches in the tournament to claim victory with his performance playing as Yoshimitsu against Fergus’s Asuka Kazama. 

Fergus did put up a good fight in the earlier matches, Fergus won a few games with his Asuka Kazama. But did not win enough to defeat Kaneandtrench’s Yoshitmitsu.

You can watch the highlights above in the video that is linked in this article, the grand finals was worth the wait. As of now Kaneandtrench is the best tournament player from the United Kingdom winning three qualifying UK tournaments in the ESL Tekken UK Championship his skill level with Yoshimitsu is unparalleled.



Sources: (1) ESL Tekken 7 UK Championship winner

Written by SCORPZ0001

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