DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Animation has officially released their trailer for the upcoming DC Comics animated movie. Batman and Harley Quinn. This movie will be available for digital download and DVD internationally very soon. This movie features iconic DC Comic characters from the Batman story arcs such as: Batman, Nightwing, Posion Ivy, Harley Quinn and The Floronic Man who will be the main characters.

Our favourite clown princess of crime Harley Quinn is the protaganist of this movie,In this film she is giving up her criminal activities with the Joker to work side by side with Batman and Nightwing. This unlikely team up is eccentric yet fascination. Harley. Batman and Nightwing will be persuing  Poison Ivy who is working alongside with The Floronic Man also known as Jason Woodrue, who are the adversaries. 

Posion Ivy and The Floronic Man are super villains, who want to create a botanical world within Gotham City.  they plan to do this by stealing Dr Alec Holland also known as Swamp Thing’s files and information regarding the creation of “no ordinary leaf mouse, but the harbinger of a new age”, Endangering the civilians. This new age seems to be a plant formula that will turn people into plant like living monsters which is catastrophic for humanity. 

Sam Liu is the director of this upcoming film, this film stars: Melissa Rauch voice acting for Harley Quinn, Kevin Conroy voice acting for Batman, Paget Brewster voice acting for Posion Ivy, Kevin Michael Richardson voice acting as Jason Woodrue also known as Floronic Man and Loren Lester voice acting as Nightwing. 

Check out the trailer above and tell me your thoughts on this upcoming animated movie.


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Written by SCORPZ0001 

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