Tekken World Tour Announced – $200,000 cash prize for the winner

Today, Bandai Namco the game developers and publishers for Tekken 7 released a trailer announcing the Tekken World Tour. Which is a series of multiple international Tekken 7 eSports tournaments. For their critically acclaimed upcoming fighting game Tekken 7. This world tour will consist of over 40 competitive tournaments online and offline. 

This Tekken world tour is a joint venture between Bandai Namco and Twitch TV the world’s leading platform for gamers who stream their gameplay on the Internet. This is a global world eSports event that is open to everyone in the following regions:  America, Europe, Asia-Pacific.This global Tekken 7 tour will host 39 tournaments region locked tournaments with a tempting $200,000 cash prize for the overall winner of the finals. 

For more information on how to enter check out the second source at the bottom of this article and also read the rules they’re important. 

This tour will feature:

Master Events:
Compete for prizes and Ranking Points against top tier competition at these tent-pole events. Master Events are open bracket tournaments. You must be from that event’s region to earn points on the regional leaderboard.

Challenger Events:
Put your mettle to the test at Challenger events to earn Ranking Points against local competition. Challenger events are open bracket tournaments. You must be from that event’s region to earn points on the regional leaderboard.

Online Events:
Take the battle online! Participate in regional online events from the comfort of your own home, and lay the smackdown to online warriors everywhere. Online events are open bracket, region-locked entry tournaments.

Test your skills at the largest fighting game event in the world. Featuring the highest level of competition from around the globe, the winner of EVO will automatically qualify for the World Finals. EVO is an open bracket tournament.

Fight to be the Regional Champion! Taking place in each of the three regions (Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific), the winner of these events will walk away with the highest tier of Ranking Points and extra prize money. Regionals are open bracket, region-locked entry tournaments.

It all comes down to this! 16 players enter the final battle to see who will be crowned World Champion and take home a huge pay day. The breakdown of the 16 players is as follows: top 5 from each regional leaderboard (total 15) & winner of EVO.


Sources: (1) Tekken World Tour Trailer (2) Tekken World Tour official website (3) Tekken World Tour Rules

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