Check out the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Movie trailer

The movie synopsis

“Dragon Cry” – it’s a magic artefact, that power can destroy the world. For a long time she was kept in the Kingdom of Fiore, but in the end was stolen by the Kingdom of Stella. The main characters (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy and Carla) penetrate into the Kingdom on a mission undercover. In the end they will have to deal with the King Animus and his entourage (Zach and Sonya). The purpose of the Animus to enslave the world? And Sonya was secretly trying to save the country? Expect exciting adventures on the sea of intrigue and save the world.



Fairy Tail Dragon Cry will be released on May the 6th in Japan and America on the same date. This film will be released in the UK on the 19th of May.  Check out the trailer above.

Sources: (1) Fairy Tail: The Movie – Dragon Cry: IMDB (2) IMDB: Fairy Tail Dragon Cry release information

Written by SCORPZ0001

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4 thoughts on “Check out the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Movie trailer

  1. I definitely need to watch this movie the only other movie in the franchise was great so this one should be a joy to watch


      1. I’m starting to watch it again, it kinda fell off for me after awhile. The anime has a long way to go I think its about 3-4 arcs behind, the manga is just about finished tho.


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