The CW Network released the trailer to their latest superhero show, Black Lightning. Black Lightning was one of the first African-American superheroes to ever be popularised. This iteration of Black Lightning follows the story of Jefferson Pierce.

The main cast of the show includes: Cress Williams who will be our main protagonist Jefferson Pierce who is also Black Lightning. China Anne McClain will be portraying Jennifer Pierce (Lightning), Nafessa Williams will be portraying Anissa Pierce (Thunder) and Christine Adams will be portraying Lynn Pierce .

Jefferson Pierce is the headmaster of Garfield High School and family man who has lightning powers. He has two daughters who also have inherited lightning  powers, He uses his powers to protect the city of Metropolis from The 100 Gang, who are terrorising the city and committing crimes throughout the city of Metropolis such as kidnapping one of his daughters (Jennifer Pierce/Lightning).

A retired hero must come out of the shadows and rise again: #Blacklightningisback, Jefferson Pierce is Black Lightning and he will be coming out of retirement to fight.

The executive director Greg Berlanti stated the series, if ordered, would not crossover with his other DC Comics television properties on The CW nor would it exist in their established universe.[11] However, Fox opted not to go forward with the project, deciding that it was “not a good fit into its already crowded genre drama space.”


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Written by SCORPZ0001

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