Spider-Man reveals his secret identity unintentionally to his friend Ned

On the 8th of May, Sony Picture’s Entertainment uploaded a new exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming movie clip appropriately titled “You’re the Spider-Man?”. the clip features Peter Parker returning from his crime fighting shenanigans as the Spider-Man.

Peter Parker who is being portrayed by British actor Tom Holland is climbing back into his room on the ceiling; you know as you do as a superhuman spider-like superhero and removes his mask revealing his identity in private. Or that’s what we thought when his friend Ned Leeds played by Asian-American actor Jacob Batalon. Ned Leeds see’s Peter climbing on the walls and immediately drops the Star Wars Legos he’s built.

Ned Leeds is shocked and excited because to him this is the biggest thing to ever happen to him. Since being a superhero is a risky job Peter explains to his friend who just found out his biggest secret, he must also keep the fact that Peter is Spider-Man a secret. Peter is annoyed that Ned can’t keep this a secret but I am sure he learns to keep his mouth shut after all they are best friends in this movie.

Later on in the trailer Peter Parker is in school and meets up with his other friend Michelle Gonzales played by Zendaya and she is suspicious asking what Peter is hiding but she ends up just joking during the whole conversation. This trailer to me was about this movie showing Peter Parker’s friends since the spotlight is on the main character Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. It’s interesting seeing the Peter’s friends and how they interact with him on-screen.

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out July the 7th 2017 in cinema’s globally.


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Written by SCORPZ0001

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