Today, Capcom the video game developer and publisher for Street Fighter 5 uploaded their reveal trailer for their latest downloadable content character: Ed. Ed made his debut in Street Fighter IV and will be making a comeback in V. Ed will be playable in Street Fighter 5 as a DLC. This is not a trailer announcing the release date this is just his reveal trailer to let street fighter players know he will be in the game as a DLC character.

Ed is a boxer who utilises his fighting style with psycho powers that enhances his fighting style. Ed is a part of the Shadaloo organisation founded and led none other than M.Bison who trained him and made his soul power into the psycho Power thanks to M. Bison’s gen. Ed’s V-skill is psycho snatcher, while his critical art is psycho barrage and his v-trigger is psycho cannon.

Sources: (1) IGN: Street Fighter 5 DLC Character is Ed (2) Villains wikia: Ed Street Fighter

Written by SCORPZ0001

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