Code Vein is an upcoming Japanese action role-playing game, developed by Shift  and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Code Vein is a third person action RPG that puts you in control of a revenant, players must explore the despondent world of Vein in order to discover lost memories and escape this dark reality they are in, This video game is full of monsters that inhabit Vein, you play the role as a revenant who are destined to battle with the enemy monsters.

Vampire revenants are a type of vampire. revenats have access to blood veils which are devices attached to their arms used to drain blood from enemy monsters, in order to enhance their  Revenants’ abilities.This game will allow you to have a partner who will work alongside with you fighting dangerous enemy monsters.

Players will be able to change their form to increase their strength, destroy enemies rendering them weak and also use new weapons with overpowered attacks using an array of different weapons. Additionally players will be able to change battle conditions that suit their play styles.

This game is currently being developed by Japanese game developers Shift and will be released in 2018




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Written by SCORPZ0001

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